Hey Everyone,

Through this blog I want to explore different regions of the world through food.  While I would much rather perfer experiencing the kinds of food this world has to offer, while actually being in those regions, cooking recipes found online will have to do…for now!

Tonight I wanted to explore a couple staples of Chinese food.  So after doing a little searching I found two recipes.  One for Chow Mein from tasteofhongkong.com, and the other Lemon Chicken from blogchef.net.

These two recipes were fairly easy to re-create. I made some tiny adjustments to some of the ingredients (becasue I didn’t have everything on hand), but that didn’t seem to take away from the recipe.  I mean cooking is all about experimenting anyways right?

After slaving in the kitchen for I would say, about an hour and half, or so, dinner didn’t end up tasting too bad! Everyone at my table seemed to really enjoy it, and they all went back for seconds! 🙂 (which in my house, means that it’s GOOD!!) 

I would say that dinner tonight was a success, and I would definatly use these two recipes again.

Until my next mouth watering adventure!


Here are the links to the recipes.  Give them a try & let me know how they turn out!

Chow Mein – http://www.tastehongkong.com/recipes/soy-sauce-fried-noodles-aka-chow-mein/

Lemon Chicken – http://blogchef.net/chinese-lemon-chicken-recipe/